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Fake Id

Virginia Scannable Fake Id

Virginia Scannable Fake Id

Virginia Scannable Fake Id

Virginia Scannable Fake ID: Everything You Need to Know

Fake IDs have been in use for decades by underage students who are unable to legally purchase alcohol or enter nightclubs, or by people who may have lost their original ID or are looking for alternate identities. While fake IDs have been the target of police crackdowns for years, advancements in technology have made it even easier to produce a realistic-looking copy.

One such advancement is the scannable fake ID. These IDs can pass through scanners and appear genuine, making it harder for authorities to detect their falseness. In this article, we will dive into the specifics of Virginia scannable fake IDs, discussing everything you need to know before making a purchase.

What is a Virginia Scannable Fake ID?

A Virginia scannable fake ID is a fake ID that has been created and designed to contain identical information that a legitimate Virginia ID would contain. This includes personal information such as name, address, and date of birth, along with a scannable barcode that has been encoded with similar security features as actual state-issued IDs.

How Are Virginia Scannable Fake IDs Made?

Scannable fake IDs are created using sophisticated technology, which involves using high-end printers and software to create an ID that looks no different than a real one. These IDs are often created in countries like China, where production costs are low and processes can be more easily concealed.

A prosthetic mold is usually created to match the photo that the customer provides. The model is then used to produce the final version of the ID, which undergoes several stages of print quality and finishing. They contain security features that help with reducing their chances of being detected and confiscated, such as microprinting, holographic overlays, UV light images, and intricate designs that make it hard for the naked eye to distinguish from a real ID.

After the final ID is produced, it is shipped to the customer using discreet methods to evade customs scrutiny.

Are Virginia Scannable Fake IDs Legal?

The use of fake IDs is illegal in Virginia and the rest of the United States. Virginia law states that it is illegal to possess or use false identification to deceive or commit fraud. If caught using a fake ID, you could face a misdemeanor charge, leading to fines of up to $500, community service, or even imprisonment for up to one year. If you were caught using a fake ID, you might also face lifelong problems when it comes to employment and other aspects of life, such as personal freedom, legal consequences, and financial stability.

However, it is worth noting that laws vary from state to state, and there are some places where fake IDs are considered to be legal to own and use. Therefore, it is crucial to research the legal status and consequences of using fake IDs before purchasing them.

Why Somebody Would Use a Virginia Scannable Fake ID

Virginia Scannable Fake IDs are used for many purposes. One of the primary reasons is to gain access to venues that require an ID. Typically, these venues are nightclub parties, sporting events, or drinking establishments. Without a valid ID, entry is denied because the venue would be held legally responsible. A Virginia scannable fake ID helps underaged folks bypass this security measure, and gain access to such venues. These IDs can also be used in situations where someone has lost their original ID and wants to replace it quickly.

But that’s not all. Some people use Virginia Scannable Fake IDs to get a job, apply for loans, or even purchase a vehicle. The uses of these IDs are endless, but Virginia Scannable Fake IDs are commonly used for partying.

How to Spot a Virginia Scannable Fake ID?

If you work in a nightclub, casino, or bar, then you may have come across numerous fake IDs. Virginia Scannable Fake IDs can be hard to identify since they have been designed to look very similar to real IDs. It is crucial to spot such IDs to avoid legal action and protect society from underage drinking, terrorism, and frauds. Here are a few tips that can help you recognize a Virginia Scannable Fake ID.

1. Physical Differences

Physical characteristics of Virginia scannable fake IDs are slightly different from a real one. The edges may be rough, the font may be incorrect, and the graphics may not be accurately aligned. Real IDs are created in standardized formats, and any deviations are an immediate red flag.

2. Poor Image resolution

Fake IDs are often printed using low-quality printers, resulting in low-quality images that are hard to see. Real IDs are printed using high-resolution printers, so the images should be sharp and clear. If the picture on the ID looks distorted or blurry, it could be a fake one.

3. Incorrect Personal Information

Personal information on a Virginia Scannable Fake ID often looks like it’s been tampered with. The characters in the name and address may be irregular, and the address and birth dates may not match up correctly. Real IDs are generally created with standardized structures that include names that match up with addresses that have a clear connection.

4. No Scannable Barcode

A Virginia scannable fake ID is designed to have a scannable barcode that should match real State IDs. The scannable barcode is visible in the front or back of the ID, and a fake ID does not have the identification code.

5. Holograms

Holograms are one of the first-checks when an ID is produced. The holograms present in a fake ID can be of poor quality, while holograms in regular ID will display a much clearer and solid pattern than fake IDs.

6. UV ink

The ink used to produce a real ID is usually made to fluoresce under UV light, which is a security feature to eliminate replication. Most Virginia scannable fake IDs won’t glow when placed under UV light, or even if it is, the fluoresce would be different from an original ID.

7. Magnetic Strip

The magnetic strip in a Virginia state ID overrides the details that are displayed on the ID by default. A fake Virginia scannable ID might not have a magnetic strip, or if they have, they won’t have the correct detail encoded on the card.


Virginia Scannable Fake IDs are commonly used by underage students who are trying to gain access to venues that require an ID. They are also bought by those who have lost their original ID, or want to create an alternate identity. It is important to note that the legal repercussions of using a fake ID are serious, and it is essential to consider the consequences before purchasing one.

If you work in a profession where spotting a fake ID is essential, familiarize yourself with the tips listed above, and help reduce the number of fake IDs that make their way into venues across Virginia.
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Virginia Scannable fake id
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